About US



IT Experts

Our consultants are experts in their field and will always endeavour to provide the very best technical advice and management services.

Personalised service

We recognise that one size does not fit all. All our services are tailored to meet each business’s specific requirements.

Attention to detail

We look after the big picture but always pay close attention to the detail. After all, it’s often the small things that matter the most.

Multicom Consulting is a specialist managed IT services and cloud solutions provider.

We design, implement and support complex IT systems through the provision of expert advice and a personalised service.

We have has been providing IT services and support for 20 years and our team of expert technical consultants has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience. We always strive to deliver exceptional IT outcomes.

We offer a range of IT services to suit different business needs including complete managed services, cloud solutions and one-off projects. We also offer a high level advisory service for CEOs, CIO’s and other senior executives seeking an expert opinion on their current IT situation or guidance regarding future technology planning.

As a boutique consultancy, we recognise that every business is unique and we pride ourselves on our ability to meet our clients’ specific needs through a detailed and highly customised approach. We provide a highly personalised level of service and pride ourselves on our ability to build long-term trusting relationships.

We help our clients utilise the latest technology to optimise business efficiency and continuity, as well as plan for sustainable future growth. Your business is our business, and our goal is to ensure that your IT systems work efficiently and seamlessly.

What We Do Best

Server configuration

Cloud and on-premise server configuration, optimisation and ongoing maintenance is the heart of what we do. No server task is too complex for our expert team to handle.

data security and backup

Data security is an essential component of a strong network infrastructure. We only use the most robust technology for disk encryption, data protection, erasure and backup.

Preventative maintenance

We make sure your network stays in peak condition. Regular scheduled maintenance ensures your servers and other network devices function optimally, reliable and securely.

Problem troubleshooting

Our proactive approach means that you will experience less network downtime and fewer failures. Any issues that do occur will be fixed swiftly and with minimal impact to your business.

Network design

Following a comprehensive review process we can design you a completely new network of fine tune your existing one. We create individual designs specifically for each business.

Device management

We can procure, configure and manage all or your PCs, thin clients, laptops and other devices, including software deployment, regular patching and all updates.