Data Security

Data security and privacy are areas of concern for all businesses.

Wherever your data resides onsite or offsite, in databases, applications or reports, it needs to be protected. It is vital that businesses have adequate protection and security in place to avoid unintentional disclosure or breaches of sensitive data.

Data security and privacy should not be treated as add-ons to your regular IT maintenance services. They are absolutely essential components of a strong technology infrastructure.

Prevent data breaches

Avoid disclosure or leakage of your sensitive data to mitigate the cost of expensive and potentially threatening data breaches.

Ensure data integrity

Prevent unauthorised changes to your data, configuration files and logs to ensure complete visibility into data access patterns and trends.

Protect privacy

Prevent disclosure of your sensitive information by masking or de-identifying data in databases, applications, and reports.

As a minimum, businesses must consider:
• Password strength. Use Microsoft’s password checker to see how strong yours are.
• A strong firewall to protect incoming and outgoing data traffic.
• Anti-virus and anti-malware software.
• Program updates to latest versions.
• Data backup onsite or to the cloud.
• Network monitoring for security breaches.
• Mobile device protection including password protection, data encryption and remote wiping capability.

We can assist with all your data security and privacy requirements to ensure your business data is securely protected. We only utilise the latest and most robust technology for disk encryption, data protection, data masking, data erasure and backup.

Contact us for a confidential discussion regarding protecting your business data from destructive forces and unwanted actions.