Secure Backup

Secure data backup is an imperative requirement for all businesses, large and small.
Unfortunately, the accidental loss or corruption of data happens all too often despite the best prevention efforts.

We understand the vital importance of business continuity. But unfortunately IT systems sometimes fail despite everyone’s best efforts. A reliable data back up and disaster recovery solution for all your applications is essential to ensure the preservation of mission critical data.

Organising the storage space and managing the backup process can be a complicated undertaking. Long gone are the days when it was acceptable for a staff member to take home a copy of important files on disk at the end of the week for safekeeping.

There are many different types of data storage device useful for making backups. There are also many different ways in which these devices can be arranged to provide geographic redundancy, data security, and portability. Moving to the cloud can automate backups and greatly improve the data protection, security and backup of a business at a reasonable cost.

Cloud backup systems are cost effective, fast, reliable and secure. They are the smart option for most businesses.

We partner with leading disaster recovery technology vendors to offer only the most robust and reliable solutions to suit business of different sizes and with a wide array of application requirements. We are also experienced in setting up data backup systems to meet industry defined regulatory compliance mandates.

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