IT Services

We provide outstanding customer service!

“We take the time to understand your individual IT needs and provide a fully customised approach.”

At Multicom we take great pride in getting to know each client’s business and providing an outstanding level of customer service.

Every client is assigned a personal technical consultant who is their regular point of contact. You will have a mobile phone contact number for your consultant so you can speak to them directly, and they will spend regular time working onsite at your premises to assist with any IT issues and work on specific projects. You are only billed for the number of hours the consultant works on your IT services, not the number of hours spent onsite.

We offer a range of IT support options to suit the needs of different businesses.

Our service plans and projects are carefully scoped to ensure that your IT requirements are fully understood. A Business Development Manager and a Senior Consultant will assess your requirements and provide a detailed proposal.

Our service options include:

  • Managed IT services plans
  • IT projects
  • Executive IT advisory service
  • Legal industry IT
  • Not-For-Profit IT
  • NDIS Technology Consulting Services